The MLK day

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Like I promised today I’m going to tell you about the MLK day in NBA.

First of all what is the MLK day ?

MLK stands for Martin Luther King, the famous nonviolent activist for civil rights of black people. He played a major role in the emancipantion of African Americans, he is famous for he’s speech which starts by “I have a Dream” that became a hymne to solidarity and hope for all americans.

The MLK day is a public holiday and is celebrated annually on the third monday of January , around January 15 , the anniversary of the reverend.


Like Chrismas Day, MLK day is celebrate by the NBA league. In that perspective every NBA franchise play on this particular day.

For instance this year, we saw  Charlotte Hornets – Utah Jazz, Washington Wizards – Portland Trail Blazers or the impresive Cleveland Cavaliers – Golden State Warriors.

It was an amazing night with a lot of great moves just before the famous NBA all star game.

See you next time to talk about the All Star Games.

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NBA Christmas Day

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A few weeks ago we celebrated Christmas with our family, but in contrary of French football league, NBA players keep playing during this period. Christmas is even a special day for the NBA.

As a present for all NBA fans in the world, every single franchise of the league are playing on the 25th of December, and not charity match. Indeed, each year the organizers of the league, plane special game between most of the best team.

For instance this year the evening began with a smooth New Orleans Pelicans (14th in the West) – Miami Heat (4th in the East) before continuing with boiling Chicago Bulls (6 in the East) – Oklahoma City Thunder (3rd in the West).

But every year, a main event is set-up, and in 2015 it was Golden State – Cleveland. Warrios and Cavaliers, leaders of both conferences met for a rematch of the last final, when teammates of Stephen Curry – one defeat since the start the season – were imposed after memorable encounters. But facing LeBron James wanted to spoil the Californians Christmas.

The night ended in the most beautiful way with the San Antonio Spurs (2nd in the West) that received the Houston Rockets (7th in the West) for a shock 100% Texan, finally a derby between Los Angeles Clippers ( fifth in the West) and the Lakers Kobe Bryant (last in the West) ended this amazing NBA Christmas Day.

Christmas Day isn’t the only main event during a NBA season, next we will talk about the MLK day.

See you next time!

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The Frenchies in NBA (2/2)

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Today I pursue the list of French players in NBA.

Evan Fournier (Orlando Magic): after two seasons in Denver, Fournier joined Florida where he can aim a starting spot, if he keeps his level of the pre- season when his playing time has always exceeded 25 minutes per game.

Ronny Turiaf (Minnesota Timberwolves): the pivot begin his 10th season in the NBA in the form of his life after an intense preparation program this summer. The best way to forget a 2014-2015 season plagued by injuries and the presence of Montenegrin Nikola Pekovic.

(Boris Diaw and Tony Parker)

Alexis Ajinça (New Orleans Pelicans): Arrived in NBA last season, the former player of Strasbourg have prepared this season in the best conditions. The preseason games allowed him postion himself as the best substitute of the Turkish pivot Omer Asik.

Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz): He is a player of a very large 2.36 m with open arms, but quite fragile compared to other pivots of the NBA, although progress has been and continues to be made on this aspect of his game. He is known to be a good blocker with its size and scope. This is a very mobile player for his size, which is able to support the team during the attack.

Kevin Séraphin (Washington Wizards): despite a disappointing 2014-2015 season with a very low game time (10.9 minutes per game) Seraphin, 24, has keeps the confidence of the Wizards: “We believe in him” told his coach Randy Wittman.

Damien Inglis (Milwaukee Bucks): The discovery of the NBA did not start the best ways for the 2.03 m winger. Victim of a broken foot, he made his return in November but his time on the pitch is still very low.

As you see France is well represented in the best championship in the world and we can proud of that!

See you next time fellas!

“A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.” – Jack Dempsey



The Frenchies in NBA (1/2)

Hi everyone!

As I told you a few weeks ago the NBA is the American League of basketball, thus most of the players are American, but the rest of them come from the whole world. Actually, 37 other nationality are represented in the league by 100 non-Americans players.

Among this 100 players, 11 are French, which make of France the second foreign supplier of talent just behind Canada.


(Sorry for the French in the picture)

Tony Parker ( San Antonio Spurs ) for his 13th season with the Spurs , “TP” is fifth NBA title , the last probably for the magic trio he forms with American Tim Duncan and Argentine Manu Ginobili who are respectively 38 and 37.

Boris Diaw (San Antonio Spurs): Because of the World Cup, the French international has resumed training later than his teammates before his second full season with the Spurs. His coach Gregg Popovich expects much of it he describes as “one of the smartest NBA players” and one of the architects of the title in 2014.

Joakim Noah ( Chicago Bulls ) : Due to a chirurgical intervention on one knee in the offseason , the best defender in the NBA has not regained all its strengths. With the American Derrick Rose and experienced Pau Gasol ( Spanish ) , from the Los Angeles Lakers , the Bulls can hurt.

Nicolas Batum (Portland Trail Blazers): Inescapable in the five major of the Trail Blazers, Batum has delivered in 2013-2014 the most accomplished season of his NBA career with averages of 13 points, 7.5 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game .

Ian Mahinmi (Indiana Pacers): He missed the World Cup in Spain because of an injury (shoulder), the pivot is now fully recovered. In the absence of Paul George, unavailable all season and with the difficulties of Roy Hibbert, his playing time (16.2 minutes per game in 2014-15 ) should continue to climb.

The list is pretty long and I don’t want to borred you with a too long post.

So see you next time for a presentation of the other “Frenchies” in NBA.

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The end of the invincible

As I told last time the Golden State Warriors began the season by an impressive chain of 24 victory. But the 13th December 2015 it’s as the looser that they left the BMO Harris Bradley Center. Indeed the locals, the Milwaukee Bucks just beat them 108-95.

The Bucks, who stayed at this time on 10 wins and 15 losses, wasn’t the favorite before this game but they took advantage of circumstances and kept their calm. Giannis Antetokounpo made ​​a triple-double with 11 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists. Greg Monroe added 28 points and 11 rebounds. Jabari Parker (19 points), OJ Mayo (18) and Michael Carter-Williams (17) also contributed.


The Warriors have , themselves, been abandoned by their main weapon the shot to three, with 6 of 26 collectively (23% ), Stephen Curry (28 points) peaked at 2 of 8 of the winning shot and Klay Thompson , back of a small ankle injury , did little better with 2 of 7 (12 points total) . Andre Iguodala has managed only one shot on nine attempts (0 of 4 three-point). Even Draymond Green, the author of 24 points and 11 rebounds, had a difficult evening with six turnovers.


The historical series of Warriors stops but the champions of the last season can still chase the record of victories in a season, 72 by the Chicago Bulls in 1995-1996.

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The end of the serie

Hello everybody !

This season a team have been the sensation of the season’s beginning, the Golden State Warriors. Why ? Simply because they were simply invincible.

They started the season with 24 wins and zero lose, that’s a new record for the NBA, before them the record was only 15 victories. The 25th of November 2015 the Warriors began the first team to begin a NBA season by 16 victories, but they didn’t stop there. Indeed,  to see the first defeat of Golden State this season we had to wait until the 13th December 2015, which was their 25th game of the season ! Thus the Golden State Warriors set up a new NBA records of 24 victories in a row on a season start.

San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors

Unfortunately they didn’t reach the record of consecutive win during a regular season, which is detained by the Los Angeles Lakers team of 1971-1972. This year they achieved to totalize 33 victories in a row.

The first defeat of the Warriors this season was against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Next week I will tale you this so important game.

See you !

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The NBA Draft

Hi everyone !

Today our main subject is the Draft, the amrican recruitment system in most of the sports.

The NBA draft is a major annual event in the North American league basketball. It is comparable to a grant of players who will start in the league: during a meeting which gathers the commissioner of the NBA and the leaders of 30 teams, each team will select one after the other a player from the University , high school, or abroad. The draft is the main entry point for the majority of players playing in the NBA.


The NBA draft has existed since the inception of the league in 1947. At the time, the teams select players from the university until therewere no one left.

The order of each round is set in reverse rank order at the end of the last season. This method is supposed to help teams in difficulty to be better the next year, it’s a way to rebalance the level of the league.

See you next week !

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Presentation of the NBA

For the last few weeks I’ve dedicated this blog to teach you the fundamentals of Basketball, this step is over and if you have any other question don’t be afraid to ask in the comment section.

This week I’ll talk about the NBA and how it works.

First of all, the NBA is not the only basketball chanpionship in the world, for instance in France we have the Pro A. But it’s the most famous and amazing one. Most of the basketball players you ever heard of are from this league, the most famous of them is of course Micheal Jordan who played a big part of his carrier for the Chicago Bulls.

Unlikely the Pro A or most of football leagues in the world, NBA dosen’t have a promotion / relegation system but a franchise organisation. There are 30 franchise in the league.


Even if a team loses all of its game during the season it will still be part of NBA next year.

Next week I’ll introduce the Draft recruitment.

See you !

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The fundamentals –The time

During the last few weeks we saw how to move and score during a basketball game. Today I’m going to talk about the time in basketball.

All over the around the world a basketball game is composed of 4 quarters of 10 minutes, but as usual, Americans have their own rules and a NBA match lasts 4 x 12 minutes.

In facts, a game lasts much more than that, indeed the clock is stops at every fault, and believe me, there are a lot of it.


So, to sum up, a NBA match lasts 4 x 12 minutes + 15 minutes at mid-time + all the clock stops = approximately  90 – 100 min without extra-time. During the longest match in the history there were 6 extra-period of 5 minutes each.

In NBA when you attack you have respect a few rules about the time. First you have 8 seconds to cross the middle of the field, and once you crossed this line you can’t go back to your side.

Then you have 24 seconds (the time to cross the mid line is considered) to take a shot, if you gain the rebound after a miss shot the 24′ clock is reset.

This simple rule allows to make basketball games very nervous and dynamic.

I hope you learned something !

Just for the fun, the most famous slam dunk of the legend Michael Jordan :


See you next time !

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The fundamentals – The moves

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When you play basketball there are few things you have to avoid to do if you want to apply what we saw previous week about scoring.

First of all, you can’t just pick up the ball and run to the opponent part of the field and take a shot. You have to make the ball rebound on the floor while you’re running. This action is called dribble. But be careful! You can only use one hand at the time for dribbling.


If you don’t respect this rule when you’re moving and make more than 2 steps the referee will blow in his whistle, say “Travel!” and then give the ball to the other team. NBA referees are much more permissive…


At the opposite if you start dribbling, then stop and dribble again , or dribble the ball with two hands at the same time you will hear the whistle of the referee as well because you while be guilty of “double dribble”.

Finally, be careful of the “carry”, a penalty in formal play or slang for when an offensive player is deemed to have held the ball excessively at the ball’s apex while dribbling.

Now you know how to move and how to score!

Meanwhile the Golden State Warriors of Stephen Curry keep walking easily on the NBA.